Secure Your Collectibles With the Power of Blockchain

How DAP Works.

Fake items, stolen assets and lack of transparency are significant problems in the collectibles industry. The resale of stolen goods results in losses for both consumers and insurance companies. Digital Authentication Passport® (DAP) is the passport bearing your identity to a record of ownership from origin to the last destination. DAP in full functioning mode will provide added cryptographic verification of collectibles providing information containing the asset’s characteristic, history, proof-of-ownership, and authenticity.

The DAP Process & Workflow.

Submit Your Collectible

Fill out the detailed form pertaining to your specific item(s). After submitting the form online, send us your collectible along with your printed form in order for us to make additional validation.

Create Unique ID

Once we received your item(s), we will proceed to attach a proprietary tamper-proof sticker, create a unique ID for each item and engrave the ID on to the encapsulation.

Securing to Blockchain

Using KPOW tokens, KapowChain secures your item to the immutable blockchain. The record is produced and entered in the KAPOW DB containing information about the item and its ownership.

Returning Your Item

We ship your encapsulated collectible back to you with the utmost care to ensure a safe journey. The DAP app allows you to manage your DB, transfer to another party, amend the status and more in future updates.

Designed for Mobile Platforms, too.

Our Digital Authentication Passport® is your mobile application that verifies Proof-of-Ownership (PoO), manages your collections, secures transfer of assets, hodls your tokens securely, amend the status of your asset as stolen or lost, and much more…

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